Solar PV Coventry

Solar PV in Coventry

Welcome to Rollings Renewables, where we bring energy-saving solutions to the heart of Coventry! We take immense pride in providing the city with our bespoke solutions. Explore how we cover every corner of Coventry, bringing clean energy to your doorstep.

Solar energy works by capturing sunlight through solar panels, where photovoltaic cells convert the absorbed sunlight into electricity. When sunlight hits these cells, it excites electrons, generating a flow of direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter transforms this DC electricity into the alternating current (AC) powering homes and businesses in Coventry.

The panels mount to your roof via various kits, which can either fit on the top of your tiles or go level with them in the roof. The inverter can then be installed in the loft or any other location within your property (including outside).

Whether you’re in the city centre, the historic districts, or the suburban landscapes, our bespoke solar solutions are designed to complement the architectural diversity of Coventry both domestically and commercially.

Solar Panels on a commercial roof

Benefits of Solar PV Coventry

Why upgrade your property? 

Save Energy

At Rollings Renewables we are proud of the Solar systems we design. We will send a full financial breakdown so you can see exactly what your predicted payback time is and how much money you are going to save throughout your journey.


In a World that's getting warmer, switching to a more sustainable option helps the environment as well as your finances. At Rollings, we are committed to helping people reach zero or negative emissions through sustainable options.

Added Value

Due to a changing economic climate, upgrading your infrastructure including solar can have a positive impact on any re-sale value from a personal or commercial property due to the two previous benefits driving more interest.
Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

Looking to utilise Tesla’s options? Take full control of your solar and energy useage with the installtion of a Tesla Powerwall. See exactly what you are using and never have to worry about a powercut again!


Read some of our frequently asked questions from our customers

We use a variety of tools including satellite imagery to measure your roof online, this helps us generate a preliminary quotation for you to see. If you’re happy with the quotation, we will conduct a site visit to finalise the system.

We install on a variety of roofs. If you have an East, West or South facing pitched roof, we can generate you a renewable solution. Worried about shading? We have optimised solar systems that minimise the effects of shading, please get in contact for more information.

Most of the installs you see will be on-roof, this means above the tile, a roof hook will sit under your existing tile and the panels will sit on a rail. In-roof systems are flush with the roof tiles, meaning that the panels are laid on special trays on top of your roof battens. The tiles are relaid around the edge of the panels. Some of our clients prefer the look of in-roof systems, but these do require generally a larger amount of roof space to install.

Yes, we do. Please contact us via the phone or contact form and we will be happy to assist with your project.

Yes, we have specialist mounting equipment that can fit in with slate tiles.

We supply a variety of roof mesh, from SolaSkirt to Birdblocker depending on the look you want. You must request bird protection as it is NOT installed as standard.

In most instances, you are covered by permitted development. We always advise our clients to check with their local planning authority beforehand. Ground mount systems require planning permission.

Our solar installations generally need little/no maintenance. We always advise routine inspection of electrical equipment. Our equipment also has live monitoring, meaning you can check how your system is running via an app on your phone.

Typically installations range from 2-3 days. Larger or commercial systems can take up to a month.

Yes we are NICEIC Approved Contractor certified. We are also MCS, RECC and IWA certified for your Solar PV systems.

We are also Safe Contractor and Trust Mark approved for your peace of mind.

All of our installations are approved by your DNO prior to installation. 

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