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Welcome to Rollings Renewables, where we bring energy-saving solutions to the heart of Birmingham! We take immense pride in providing the city with our bespoke solutions. Explore how we cover every corner of Birmingham, bringing clean energy to your doorstep. 


Solar energy works by capturing sunlight through solar panels, where photovoltaic cells convert the absorbed sunlight into electricity. When sunlight hits these cells, it excites electrons, generating a flow of direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter transforms this DC electricity into the alternating current (AC) powering homes and businesses in Birmingham.  

The panels mount to your roof via various kits, which can either fit on the top of your tiles or go level with them on the roof. The inverter can then be installed in the loft or any other location within your property (including outside).  

Whether you’re in the city centre, the historic districts, or the suburban landscapes, our bespoke solar solutions are designed to complement the architectural diversity of Birmingham both domestically and commercially. 

Benefits of Using Solar Power

Why not upgrade your property?

Energy Cost Savings

We provide all our customers with a full financial breakdown so you can see exactly how much money you are going to save, here at Rollings Renewables, we are proud to be the number one choice for solar panel installation in Birmingham.

Environmental Impact

With an ever-growing need for sustainability, at Rollings Renewables we are committed to helping our customers in Birmingham reach negative or zero emissions through installing our environmentally friendly solar panels for Birmingham.

Energy Independence

Here at Rollings Renewables, we are dedicated to helping people in Birmingham and the surrounding areas find energy independence through solar power in Birmingham, as well as leading the way for other renewable energy companies within the area.
working on a solar panel installation on a house

Domestic Solar Panel Installers in Birmingham

At Rollings Renewables, we are the number one provider of the best solar panels in Birmingham for your home. Specialising in domestic solar panel installations in Birmingham, with over 20 years of experience in solar and renewable energy, we are the perfect choice for solar panel installation for your home. 

Commercial Solar Panel Installers in Birmingham

If you’re looking to level up your renewable energy options at your workplace, then we can help you here at Rollings Renewables, as we are the top choice for commercial solar panel installations in Birmingham. It’s never been easier to start your business’s environmentally friendly journey than through commercial solar panels. 

Solar Panels on a commercial roof

The Process of Having Your Solar Panels Installed

Request a quote

Request a quote from us here at Rollings Renewables by submitting all the necessary details regarding your property for your solar panel installation in Birmingham. Once all the correct details have been received, we can move on to a property assessment.

Property Assessment

Once we’ve received your property details, one of our specialist team members will come out and assess your property to check the roof and discuss the layout of the solar panel placement.

Solar Panels Installation

Once we’ve successfully decided on the layout for your solar panels, our specialist team of solar panel installers will attend your property. The installation process can take around two to three days to complete.

Post Installation

After installation, our trusted customer support team is there to help you with whatever you need and with a six-year workmanship warranty, we can guarantee the best solar panels for your Birmingham home.

What Our Clients Have Said

John Scott
John Scott
Excellent service and great support. Highly recommended if you’re considering solar and reasonably priced.
David Payne
David Payne
Top class work by Luke. I have a 14 year old Solar System and my meter readings were clearly far lower than expected last week. Contacted Rolling Renewables Ltd, spoke to Charlotte and she advised me clearly, sent me an inspection quote. Luke came 3 days later, checked out my System, found I needed a new meter. Installed new meter, with improved wiring over existing wiring. Delighted with the professional work, very tidy all round. Will definitely keep Rolling Renewables Ltd on my trade list for my Solar System.
Stephen Glaister
Stephen Glaister
Great feeling from word go. We had a number of other companies come around with "a surveyor"- which had a feeling of a sales person. Rollings came around and listened to what we wanted and then gave a better suggestion. Very happy with the quote and the fitting. Installers were courteous and efficient. I cannot give any higher praise.
M Q (MaQ)
M Q (MaQ)
Very happy with service which was recommended to us by a neighbour. Very tidy job (my heart was in my throat when I saw the garden being dug up but the adjustments were invisible once they had put it back together again!) Good coordination with scaffolders who were also efficient and we received clear answers to all our questions from Head Office. Very happy with our solar panels. Reputable, knowledgeable and well qualified company - would highly recommend.
garry webley
garry webley
Excellent Service. I have an existing solar panel system, coming up to 13 years old. The inverter packed up and needed replacing. Spoke to a couple of companies, then contacted Rolling Renewables. Spoke to Paul, who is very knowledgable regarding solar and battery. He explained that I needed to “replace like for like” so as not to invalidate my FIT payments. I chose this moment to discuss battery storage and made arrangements to meet Paul in his show room. (Well worth a visit) He was excellent and explained all my options. I am a person who asks lots of questions and Paul answered them all. The inverter was fitted by Luke. He set up the wireless connection and explained how it worked. He also went through my questions regarding battery storage. A credit to the company. Finally, they are very competitive on price, at no point during discussions were they “pushing” for a sale. When I do get batteries installed, Rollings Renewables will be my installer! Excellent. Thank you Paul and team.
keith roberts
keith roberts
Great experience from the whole team. Had ground mount system with battery installed and EV charger. Very professional from start to finish.
Nigel Misselbrook
Nigel Misselbrook
Paul and his team at Rollings Renewables provide an excellent service. He took time to make sure that our solar panels would be sited to work most efficiently. The installation went smoothly and our panels, battery and car charger are working perfectly. Highly recommended.
David N
David N
I highly recommend Paul Rollings and his team. Paul is very knowledgable, trustworthy and has integrity. His team’s workmanship installing my Tesla Powerwall and solar panels was excellent. Highly recommend Rollings Renewables.
Dean Ferrier
Dean Ferrier
I've been really pleased with the professionalism of Rollings Renewables, from the first visit by Paul to discuss requirements and put together the quote, through to the installation team who did a superb job to minimise the visible impact of the installation and the excellent after sales support. I'd had a couple of other quotes, but the confidence in their product and advice on the installation convinced me to select them. In the first few weeks of use the system has significantly reduced my electricity costs, even with limited sunlight, by being able to take advantage of an off peak tariff to top up the battery overnight.
steve thackeray
steve thackeray
Rolling's recently installed a full solar system at our house in Upton upon Severn.. From the first quote to the final commissioning they were very professional and did all they said they would. Quality of the installation was good and the price was very competitive. The only slight hiccup was than the internal electrical engineer turned up a day early when i was at work. But after a short chat they agreed to come back the following day when i was home. Luke the installation engineer, was very pleasant, very thorough, and certainly knew his stuff. he also left the area clean and tidy. i would certainly recommend Rolling's if you are looking for a solar installation I wouldnt hesitate to recommend rollings

FAQ’s - Solar Panels Installations in Birmingham

There are three different types of solar panels you can choose from and all three have different qualities and characteristics. If you’re looking for solar panels that are going to last, you need to look into the durability of all three types. Typically, monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient and tend to have a sleeker design in comparison to polycrystalline and thin film solar panels. However, monocrystalline panels are usually more expensive than the other two types.

If you’re looking for a solar panel company in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, then we have you covered at Rollings Renewables. With over 20 years of experience within the renewable energy sector, we can bring clean energy solutions right to your doorstep, whatever area of Birmingham you are based.  

Switching to solar power comes with many benefits, and the fact that solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment in comparison to any other energy source has to be the biggest benefit. Solar energy produces no greenhouse gasses, doesn’t pollute water and requires very little maintenance.

You can get a government grant for solar panels through the ECO program. The ECO program was established by the government to assist low-income households in increasing the energy efficiency of their houses. This initiative intends to lower energy bills for homeowners in addition to helping them reduce their carbon footprint within Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

As it currently stands, Tesla solar panels are not currently available in the UK and with no current date set for their arrival. The Tesla solar panels, when they are eventually available to purchase in the UK, are incredibly low profile and durable, with a minimalistic aesthetic.

On average, a 3.5kW solar panel system with around 10 panels would cost roughly £7,000. The average cost of a 350-watt solar panel is between £150 to £350 per panel. Every system we install here at Rollings Renewables will vary in price depending on the number of panels, the type of panels and whether it’s a domestic or commercial installation.

Solar panels are typically reliable and usually don’t require too much maintenance due to no moving parts. However, there will be occasions when your solar panels may need maintenance, and here at Rollings Renewables, we recommend having your solar panels in Birmingham serviced annually to identify any issues so they can be resolved promptly.

At Rollings Renewables, we offer a full complete package of battery storage with our solar panels or if you’re after more, we can offer packages that include solar panels, inverters, battery storage and car EV chargers. This is what makes us the best for solar panels in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

When it comes to the solar panel installations in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, for domestic settings it can take around two to three days for your panels to be fully installed. Commercial settings can take up to a month for your solar panel system to be completely installed due to the larger size needed to cover your business.

Where Are We Located?

Based in Worcester, we are ideally located to provide our services to the wider surrounding area, ensuring greener, solar solutions are available to everyone.