Where Is The Best Place To Have Battery Storage Installed?  

Four SolarEdge Energy Banks Installed for a customer.

Battery storage enables you to make the most of electricity by storing it and utilising it during peak hours. It also stores excess energy generated by solar panels for later use; this helps to counteract the high costs of energy bills. A common question about home battery storage in the UK is where it should be installed. The ideal place to have battery storage installed is somewhere dry, safe and accessible in your home.  

Deciding on the Best Location to Mount a Battery for Storage 

The best place to securely store your battery can vary based on your home, as it’s ideal to have it mounted somewhere well-ventilated and easy to access. Our batteries can operate in weather conditions between -10° and +30° so they can safely be installed outside. A garage also serves as a great location for a battery to be stored, since it provides shelter from the elements. It’s also important to consider where the main electrical panel is in your home; this can simplify the installation and provide a sheltered environment for your battery if it’s in your garage. 

Best Solar Battery Storage UK 

Battery storage allows homes to reduce their reliance on the grid, especially when paired with solar panels. Solar panel storage batteries do more than store energy to be used later; they provide long term cost savings, backup power and increase the value of your property. Solar panel battery storage does more than just lower your energy bill, it offers peace of mind that even in the instance of a power outage you will have excess energy to power your home. To learn more about solar powered battery storage, we recommend reading our blog which breaks down the full benefits of sustainable energy.  

We’re proud to supply the best solar battery storage in the UK, all to help homes achieve energy independence: 

  • Tesla Powerwall 
  • SolarEdge Energy Banks 
  • MyEnergi Libbi  
  • GivEnergy 

The Process – How Long Does It Take? 

On average, the process of installing battery storage in your domestic property only takes 1 day. We undertake a process to simplify installation with minimal disruption to your home.  

  • Assessment and Planning: We provide an inspection and site survey to find the best area for installation. We then design a customised plan tailored to your specific needs.  
  • Permits and Installation: Depending on your location a permit may not be necessary, but it’s important to check with local regulations just to be certain. Once we’ve received approval, we will install your battery for storage of excess electricity.  
  • Inspection and Activation: We will then conduct functional tests to ensure your battery storage is operating efficiently. We also provide a final safety check to make sure everything is secure.  

At Rollings Renewables we believe in being as thorough as possible to make sure all our installations are safe and your battery is operating efficiently to provide you with the energy independence your home deserves.  

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