Installing a Commercial System in Alcester, Worcestershire

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Early in 2022 Rollings Renewables fitted one of our biggest Solar Arrays in the heart of Worcestershire. 

The proposal was first brought to us by the owner of two large business units, who wanted to reduce their energy bill which was rapidly rising due to the 2022 price increases. The 100kW array was the perfect size to fit the two south-facing roofs and provided a reduction of 40-50% on their annual energy bill. 

The Process 

Using both scaffolding and a fall restraint system, our team was safely secured on the 60-meter-long roofs. Using metasol rails and clamps, each panel was mounted into place on the steel cladded roof. 

Each of the 300+ panels was optimised with the latest SolarEdge optimisers. Meaning the wide array could be tracked online, down to each individual’s wattage. 

This was an important part of the installation, the ability to track and view each panel’s production meant we could make sure everything was up and running smoothly. Without the optimisation, if one panel went down the whole string would shut off, meaning a process of checking each panel’s connection would have to be done. 

The two arrays were paired with 2 x 25 kW Solar Edge inverters mounted onto a custom made unistrut frame, making everything as neat and tidy as possible. Firefighter controls and a clear shutdown system were also mounted next to the inverters. 

The Final Product 

As we speak, the system is currently generating 300kW of electricity a day! The majority is being used by the office, but around 30kW is being sent to the grid, supplying the locals of Alcester with sustainable renewable energy. 

If you have or know of a commercial business with a large roof space Solar PV could be the next investment towards a greener planet.