Embracing the Sun: A Summer Tale of Solar Panels and Savings

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As the sun takes center stage and summer unfolds its vibrant embrace, the allure of harnessing solar panels to trim electricity expenses becomes even more enticing. The prospect of installing these panels in our very own hometown amplifies the excitement, as we contribute to the supply of pristine, eco-friendly energy!

Rollings EV recently embarked on a gratifying journey by setting up an 8-panel solar array atop a semi-detached dwelling nestled in the heart of Worcester. This endeavor was perfectly timed, just before the radiant reign of summer truly commenced. As a cherry on top, a 5.2kW Givenergy battery was harmoniously integrated with the system.

In this particular scenario, both our client and our team opted to install the Givenergy Hybrid inverter and battery in an exterior location, strategically situated beside the residence. This pragmatic decision not only conserved space but also facilitated a seamless connection to the mains supply.

The solar configuration consisted of 8 solar panels adorning a south-east facing rooftop, collectively generating a commendable 3 kWh of power. This arrangement, complemented by a SolarEdge inverter, formed an impressive, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly energy system. This innovative setup now empowers our client’s abode throughout the day and night. Notably, the real-time tracking of this dynamic system’s performance is made possible through the intuitive smart applications offered by both SolarEdge and Givenergy.