Case Study – Worcester Couple

solar panels on a domestic house in Worcester

In 2022 the UK saw one of the biggest jumps in electrical rates causing both residential and commercial clients to rethink the way they use their power.

The Brief

Our clients, a couple from Worcester, approached us with ambitious goals—reduce energy costs, minimise environmental impact and achieve long-term energy independence.

The Solution

Every home is different, with varying roof structures, energy usage and homeowner priorities, so our team conducted a thorough property assessment to determine the optimal design. Then Corey, our renewable energy system designer, crunched the numbers and created a tailored system to meet the client’s needs with their available space.

The system comprised 19 Solar Panels and a Tesla Powerwall 2 and Gateway.

With an estimated annual generation of 5,000 kWh, the system would cover a large proportion of the client’s annual usage with daily solar power collected in the battery storage.

The Installation

Once the scaffolding had been erected, the job was fully completed over two days; with one day focused on panelling and the other dedicated to the inverter, cables and battery installation.

Once completed, Corey completed the commissioning of the system, demonstrated how to use the software and advised the best way to utilise their electricity tariff.

The Conclusion

Throughout 2023 the solar system generated 73% of the couple’s total usage, with 22% of that being exported to the grid for others to use. The Tesla Powerwall served its purpose during a power outage, leaving the home fully functional whilst the grid was down.

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