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Duracell Energy

As a Duracell Energy Platinum Provider, Rollings Renewables is proud to offer versatile home energy solutions designed to store electricity for residential use.

Take Control of your Energy With an Approved Installer​

Are the ever-changing rates of grid electricity starting to get to you and your wallet? Then it might be time to gain energy independence. As a NICEIC-approved installer, Rollings Renewables operates to the highest standards of safety and quality. This provides you with the reassurance that your home energy solution meets the highest standards of performance. Whilst also providing you with the peace of mind that your installation was completed by a certified and competent person.

No longer will you worry about those unpredictable grid costs, instead you can focus on the cost savings provided by your Duracell energy storage.

Improves energy efficiency️

Stored energy enables you to optimise how and when your electricity is used.​

Increase energy independence

Become less dependent on the grid by controlling when you use your stored energy.

Cost effective solutions

Your Duracell home energy storage can be used during peak hours to avoid costly charges from peak rates.

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The Duracell Energy Product Range

We offer more than just battery storage for your home, we provide everything from inverters to convert direct current into usable energy to EV chargers that can optimise your vehicle’s energy independence. Kermit the Frog may have said ‘it’s not easy being green’ but our product range begs to differ.

Dura5 Battery

  • Flexible installation – Your Duracell home energy storage can easily be wall mounted or stacked for convenience.
  • High performing and long lasting – An efficient, reliable and sustainable battery that excels in delivering sustainable energy for years to come.
  • User-friendly Duracell smart app – This app manages your renewable energy and helps you maximise savings.
  • Adaptive – Add more units whenever you’re ready to expand your capacity.


  • Solar compatible – This enables solar power to charge your electric vehicle, reducing dependence on non-renewable sources.
  • Convenient – The accessibility provided by having a DuraCharger will save you the cost and headache associated with locating a public charging station.
  • Control with Duracell smart app – This enables you to control and monitor your charging sessions directly from your phone.
  • Lowest-cost grid energy – Charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours to help reduce your bills.

Dura-i Inverter

  • Essential operation – The Dura-i Inverter converts solar energy into usable current for your home.
  • High efficiency – The majority of energy captured is converted and used, reducing waste and increasing cost-effectiveness.
  • Real-time energy monitoring – This helps manage your energy production and usage to adjust habits and further improve your savings.  

Get a look for yourself at all the ways you can increase your energy independence and reduce your monthly spending by visiting our showroom in Worcester. Our experts are here to help you understand and utilise these state-of-the-art energy saving solutions.

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Have More Questions?

Buying Duracell Energy storage products from an approved installer ensures expert installation, optimal performance and adherence to safety standards. An approved installer, such as Rollings Renewables, can ensure tailored system design, better warranty coverage and compliance with local regulations. They also provide ongoing support and maintenance which aren’t available so readily when purchasing products directly. Rollings Renewables will also take care of the entire purchase and installation processes which you would have to arrange separately if simply purchasing products directly from the manufacturer.  

Duracell Energy home storage products can be mounted and installed in a vast array of places. They can be positioned on the external walls, carports and canopies of a property, but also inside in a basement, utility space or garage; anywhere that allows for protection from weather conditions. As expert installers, Rollings Renewables can determine the ideal location for performance and compliance with safety standards, so get in touch to discuss your Duracell Energy storage requirements.  

Yes, of course! We can install your new Duracell Energy home storage products into an existing solar power system. We will check the compatibility and assess for any necessary modifications or upgrades for a seamless integration. Rollings Renewables will take care of the entire process, enhancing your systems efficiency and reliability.  

Of course, it’s what we do best! We love to help clients find the perfect fit for their energy storage solutions. Get in touch with a friendly, expert member of our team who can advise you on the ideal Duracell Energy storage products for your requirements.  

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