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Step into a world where the sun’s energy isn’t just a distant force—it’s a tangible and powerful resource harnessed right here in our showroom. Our systems are not only efficient but are also designed with elegance, seamlessly integrating into both residential and commercial spaces. 

We are proud to have a space where clients can explore how solar energy can power their homes, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener planet. 

Pop in and see various battery storage solutions, solar monitoring, EV charge points and more…

We are working on an appointment-only basis, with free EV Charging and coffee on us.

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Where Are We Located?

Based in Worcester, we are ideally located to provide our services to the wider surrounding area, ensuring greener, solar solutions are available to everyone.

Huge offers!

 Tesla Powerwall 2 and 4kWh of Solar

4kW Solis Inverter

10 x Jinko 435W Solar Panels

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Backup Gateway

Tesla Powerwall and Gateway

5.5kW charge and discharge rates

Time-based control

Full home backup

13.5kWh of usable storage

What does that mean?

Predicted annual generation (on a south-facing roof):


Potential first-year savings:

Fully installed:

£12,495 with 0% VAT


Got a question not listed below? 
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We offer a range of battery storage solutions, these are Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge Energy Banks, MyEnergi Libbi and GivEnergy.

We offer various different sizes of batteries, starting from 5kWh. With a few bits of information about your usage, we can calculate the right size system for you.

We strongly advise batteries are mounted on the ground floor. They can be mounted outside and are fully IP-rated for all types of weather. If you’re concerned about the temperature, most batteries can comfortably work between -10° and +30° but please reference the datasheets provided.

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