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We provide the most cost-effective solutions on the market and give independent advice and to ensure either you or your business is getting the best deal available. Our experts will be pleased to go through all of the EV Charging options available. 

Whether you are looking for a simple solution or something more advanced we have the capabilities to ensure the job is done right the first time. It’s all fully managed so Rollings would arrange the installation of necessary groundworks contractors through to our electricians on site, ensuring you have one point of contact for the works.

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Rolec EV Charge Points

Benefits of EV Chargers

Our highly acclaimed team will install your home EV charging unit in a convenient location on a day and time of your choice.

Saving Money

Charging at home has been proven a cheaper method by utilising various rates, adding charge has never been so easy. Discover more about the savings by requesting a free consultation and discover a new way to keep your costs down.

Peace of Mind

Never forget to charge your car. Rollings Renewables offer HomeSmart EV’s smart charging app automatically captures off-peak rates by smart charging your car and automatically integrating any home energy tariff.

Gaining Time

No more waiting at charging bays! Simply top your car up when convenient from your own home. With a range of outlet units, colours and charging speeds, discover the right charging point for you and your vehicle/s.

EV Chargers for Home

We offer the complete package of Solar Panels, inverters, battery storage and car chargers. Our bespoke designs maximise the amount of energy you can generate, store and discharge when needed.

EV Chargers for Business

From your own car to fleet or staff cars or all of them we have you covered . The charge units vary depending on what charge speed you require and your current supply. We can supply Wall pods, Free standing units and Security units . All of which can be powder coated to match your business colours and logo. 
We can fit units with more than one outlet so two cars can be charged at the same time.
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We install 7.4kW charge points to domestic and single-phase supplies. These can be a socket or tethered charge point. Typically, we install Zappi, Hypervolt and EVEC. Each of the brands are a ‘smart’ charge point and come with scheduled timing, load management and Solar PV charging.

Yes, we offer a variety of charge points for your specific needs. If you’d like to offer charging for your customers or workforce we can work with you to find a solution. Pedestal charge points are popular with most of our commercial clients, that can be mounted between two parking spaces.

Three-phase rapid charging is also available, in sizes 11-22kW per socket.

Unfortunately, homeowners are unable to get the government grant after it closed last year.

Landlords and rentals, however, can have up to £350 off their installation.

Commercial grants are still available, these are £350 off per socket. 

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